Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

It was love at almost first sight. He’d crossed oceans to see her. She was stunning but had a noticeably lazy right eye. Anxious as he was when it came to new relationships, he was afraid that she wasn’t quite perfect.

And then he climbed into her cockpit. The way she cocooned him- he felt warm and cool at the same time. Soft pliant surfaces where they were needed, concealing a hard, muscular body. Some are built for speed, some are built for comfort; she could do both, with a flair, if and when she wanted to, but she was really meant to mesmerize.

They got off to a rocky start. It was mostly his fault. He was in an unfamiliar land and didn’t know its ways and couldn’t understand its strange signs. She had her quirks that needed getting used to and he wasn’t quick to catch on. Plus there was a third wheel, a good old friend, who he’d invited along in the first place. To her credit, she was patient with him and forgiving of his clumsiness. Soon they realized that her home town, quaint as it was, was suffocating them. It was time for a road trip.

And that’s when they really clicked. It was a whirlwind romance and honeymoon. Destinations were sought and visited, miles were covered and scattered behind at breakneck speeds, but it was all about the journey. She was nimble and a sure footed dancer and much to his delight, took his lead really well. Strangers immediately warmed up to her, recognizing her place of origin from a telltale tag on her rather attractive rear. He remembered reluctantly leaving her in a strange place one night out of necessity and feeling relieved to see her hale and hearty as he checked in on her the first thing in the morning.

He brought her to his home. That’s when the jealousies began. Not theirs, but those of others. The small town VP at the small time company where he worked couldn’t stand it and tried to downplay her grace and worth. He went out and got a “trophy” of his own overnight and then came the comparisons. The two of them demurred to retaliate and just stood aside and smiled. You can’t give or teach class.

Seasons changed. Winters came often, both real and virtual, some were unusually long. She was right at home in them, all she needed was to change into snow shoes. They migrated west when it became too old and cold to live where they were any longer. Women, not many though, came in his life; she didn’t mind sharing. She was always there when they invariably left. She only failed him once and that too when she was really sick and even then she made sure he was safely out of harm’s reach before she stalled. Her doctors marveled that she didn’t even show normal signs of aging internally. He remembered thinking in what was once a dark period in his life that she was his Wilson from the movie Cast Away. Inanimate to all but him, should he ever lose her, he might all but give up hope.

He senses her, she senses him back and he senses her sensing him. She’ll throw an occasional tantrum or two now or then, but then she wouldn’t be interesting if she didn’t. However, when he’s tense on some other account, she’s on her best behavior and goes out of her way to distract him. They usually go places together, cruising along comfortably, without a care in the world, watching other fledgling, upwardly mobile couples, with kindness and affection. But sometimes he’s in an irascible mood. He warms her up a bit and then without warning, throws her hard into a corner and pins her down real tight as he winds up her engines. She squeals in protest at first, but then she’s all game. Her purr turns into a growl and then a hiss as she begs him for more, goading him on.

They plan to dance the night away.







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