Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

He lived in a modest house on a moderately populated planet. How he got there was an interesting story to be perhaps recounted later. He lived alone and was self reliant. Not that he didn’t have friends and family to lend an occasional helping hand, but he always operated under the assumption that he had none. This always made his life and that of his friends and family easier.

Time was his ally. It was continuous and constant. The sun would rise and set everyday- that was a given. He had built a routine around the diurnal cycle that kept him healthy, and more importantly, sane. He would wake up as early he could, but sometimes if that didn’t happen, he wouldn’t let it bother him. Simple breathing exercises to begin with while enjoying the silence of the calm morning. If the sky was clear, that was an added bonus; it’d immediately cheer him up.

Then breakfast, being careful not to load it with sugar, but not overly so. Then work. He was a mechanic and loved being near his dear machines. They were dangerous but never unreasonable. Machines always broke down and people were glad to have his services. He was not very social but always polite and very skilled at his trade and honest to boot, so he had no problem making a living.

Then after lunch, a check of his various stockpiles- medicine, food and fuel. Back to work, until it was time to wrap up for the day. Time to have a little fun. Perhaps play his guitar, perhaps show up on the dance floor to impress the ladies with some cool moves.

He knew well that the discipline was important. It didn’t matter what he did as long as he did it regularly. Always aware of the ticking clock. And grateful to be able to have it all.

Then one fine day, he knew he had to move. As pleasant as the place was where he lived it no longer felt like home. Neatly fitted all the belongings he wanted to carry into two suitcases. Important documents, clothes, some formal wear, mementos, letters and some photographs from the past before digital media became prevalent. His past lovers had left him no trinkets, although one of them had deliberately left him a piece of intimate apparel. He smiled- he wouldn’t need it to remember her. Four books. Some of the stockpiled medicines and food. Loaded them into his transport, which was all oiled up and raring to take off. Loyal beast.

He looked back into his house one last time as he held the door ajar. Clean and sparse, it had taken good care of him. The only thought in his mind was a “Thank you”. He bade it Goodbye.

He closed the door behind him and stepped out into the unknown.

Where he was going he didn’t know; it didn’t matter.

So long as he was easy in his own skin.

2 thoughts on “Lone Wolf

  1. The protagonist seems to be an intelligent, sincere, grateful, and serious guy. Though he doesn’t mind people, he is a loner. He does not seem to be ambitious nor a competitor in the mad rat race so unfit for the mad rush to the top. But then what the world thinks of him, does not get him. He is indeed easy in his own skin.

  2. Loved the beautiful ramblings.
    Very sensitive, sincere, almost existential philosophical outpourings of a tender heart.
    Not a soul that is fit for a ruthless, competitive world. but then he seems to be easy in his own skin and that is what matters.

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